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We are proven engineers, scientists, designers, and manufacturers, whose mission is to provide cleaner air for people and the planet.


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Natural Gas and Coal Power Plants

Industrial Manufacturing


Proven ability to constantly and nimbly innovate based on new findings and customer needs, going quickly from the research lab to the plant floor and out to the field. In less than three years, we’ve already improved CO₂ adsorber efficiency by more than 50%.

Clean Air

CORMETECH has a history of unleashing engineering ingenuity to foster cleaner air and protect the environment. The company solved one of the biggest operational challenges in the emissions control field by pioneering catalyst full lifecycle management, including regeneration, a patented process that restores catalyst performance to original levels. Full lifecycle management reduces costs to customers, and is a sustainable business practice that lessens supply-chain risks.

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Global Solutions

DOE Awards

Decades of experience and passion for innovation has made CORMETECH among the first companies to receive U.S. Department of Energy Awards to help advance carbon capture technology.

Our Successes

DOE Research Partners

Our History

Far from a start-up operation, we have more than three decades of ceramic engineering and manufacturing expertise making the world’s best industrial catalysts and CO₂ adsorbers. CORMETECH products are rooted in the efficient honeycomb substrates pioneered for automobile exhaust systems. We’ve never stopped innovating from there.

30+ years of Cleaner Air

EST 1989

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