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We provide the essential components.

Like our market-leading catalysts, CORMETECH CO₂ adsorbers are regenerable and recyclable. Both processes reduce costs and supply-chain risks.

Unlike other manufacturers, CORMETECH custom designs substrate-sorbent combinations to meet the exact specifications of each customer. Our commitment to protecting shared IP is foundational to the trust our customers place in us. 

CO₂ is captured throughout the entire adsorber wall — not just on the surface — maximizing thermal efficiency. Precision design translates to reduced energy consumption and costs.

CORMETECH designs and manufactures industry-leading honeycomb substrates renowned for proprietary designs that maximize gas contact with lower pressure drop.


Efficient + Cost-effective


High Surface Area For Capture


Adsorber Customization


Full Lifecycle Management



We innovate with eyes on the skies.

Our tried and true honeycomb substrates are critical to the success of carbon capture solutions.


We are the only catalyst/CO₂ adsorber full lifecycle provider. Beyond design, manufacturing, and installation, we maintain, inspect, regenerate, and recycle. Regenerating and recycling our adsorbers reduces cost, mitigates supply chain risks, and markedly lowers the entire CO₂ footprint. 

Full Lifecycle Management


We have no rival in the restoration of industrial catalysts to original operating quality. The company’s patented process reduces customer costs and is one of the environmentally friendly ways we reduce landfill waste.


For non-regenerable catalysts and adsorbers, we convert what would be landfill waste into a sustainable source of commercial raw materials for new manufacturing.

Point Source Capture (PSC)

No one knows the power and industrial emissions space better. CORMETECH is developing full PSC systems to add CO₂ to the pollutants it harnesses before they ever get into the air.

Ideal for

Natural Gas Power Plants + Petrochemical Facilities 

Industrial Manufacturing

Direct Air Capture (DAC)

CORMETECH is fast becoming the partner of choice for DAC companies seeking custom substrate-sorbent combinations that maximize their system performance at the lowest possible cost. 

Ideal for

Carbon Capture Hubs

Commercial CO₂ Utilization

Our Solutions

Carbon Capture Two Ways

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